Covid 19

Dear guests,

here you will find an overview of the measures we have taken and answers to the most frequently asked questions, so that you can spend your vacation with us with a good feeling.

+++ our hotel and restaurant is open normally for ALL guests +++

What is open and what restrictions do I have to expect?
The hotel including the wellness area and the restaurant is open inside and outside; you do not have to expect any restrictions.

Who is allowed to arrive?
All guests are welcome.

What do I have to bring with me?
There is no need to bring anything.

How is my safety taken care of?
We try to protect the health of our guests and employees as best as possible. We have implemented the following measures:

  • The reception is separated with plexiglass.
  • In the restaurant, where breakfast is served, there is an air filter certified according to DIN 1822, which filters up to 99.97% of corona viruses from the air and makes them harmless.
    and make them harmless
  • We serve most of the breakfast, only a few products are offered through a buffet
  • We have disinfection facilities available throughout the facility
  • We regularly disinfect frequently used surfaces
  • We provide free testing and related training to our employees and have arranged vaccination appointments early on
  • We pay attention to the minimum distance of 1.5m and ventilate regularly
  • The Black Forest is large and offers space for many guests without crowding
  • We rely on personal responsibility – you are welcome to continue wearing a mask freely

With how many persons may I arrive?
There is no contact restriction in the hotel industry / gastronomy anymore.

Can I only arrive in good health?
To protect the health of all, we ask you to arrive only if you are healthy and in particular do not show any Corona symptoms (dry cough, fever, loss of taste, etc.).

I am sick with Corona or have to go into quarantine, what happens to my booking?
First of all, we wish you all the best in terms of health! If you arrive in less than 14 days we allow us to charge the cancellation fee, unless we can re-rent the room with equal value. Your travel cancellation insurance will usually reimburse you in full. Often your credit card also includes travel insurance. Should there be any problems with your insurance, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution together (voucher or similar).

Can I cancel free of charge?
If you do not feel comfortable with a booked trip due to the Corona pandemic, you can cancel free of charge at any time up to two weeks before arrival. Only during the Christmas vacations and for special rates we have different conditions, for more details please see the booking confirmation.

What happens if the hotel would have to be closed?
If we have to close our hotel due to an official order (lockdown or similar) the accommodation contract will be cancelled and your booking will expire free of charge for both parties.
If another lockdown should occur, we as the hotelier/gastronomer will bear the full risk, and you will not incur any costs.
Of course you also have the possibility to postpone your booking to a later date, also we are very happy about the purchase of a voucher.

Do I also have to test myself if I only want to eat or drink for a short time?
No, no proof is required in any area.

Are external guests also allowed to use the wellness area?
Yes, of course external guests are still allowed.

What is the incidence in your county?
The current incidence with Corona traffic light for our county can be found here.